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March 3, 2008


Ninsi's family is coming down for a weekend in about two weeks. Her mom, aunt, and three cousins will be down here on Good Friday. The Squid should also be here, as that week is her Spring Break, and I think she may be bringing a friend. That means there will potentially be eight women in the house for the weekend. I dont think Noah had enough water for that many women to shower.

The logistics are unreasonable for how everyone will get clean. Im going to take the 'not worry about it' approach and see if it devolves into a primal feeding frenzy for hot water.

What I wish I had, is a tankless hot water heating system. A small unit just for the master bathroom would be nice, though Id much prefer one that supplied the whole house with hot water. The expense itself for the tankless heaters is not too bad. But I think the expense of a contractor to install one for the whole house would be the prohibitive part. Especially since I think I'd also have to hire an electrician to run a dedicated circuit.

I think, for our next house, I will make an effort to get a tankless system put into it. It would be a lot easier to do if we could manage to build our own house, rather than have to tear out the old heating and install new. I'll worry about that in a couple more years. But tankless is definitely the way to go, I think. Plenty of hot water, all the time. mmmmmmmm

March 5, 2008


Did the caucus thing last night with Ninsi. Turnout was much greater than they expected, of course. There were a few hundred people in the school cafeteria, and they only had about three sign-on sheets. So they made more.

Rather than get into the whole ordeal, suffice to say it was a pretty big cluster*. Our precinct was one of the last to finish because our chairperson was a nimrod. And he and one of the women about got into it because he was just an idiot about some things. In the end, we did not do a couple of things the way they were supposed to be done, but our delegates have been selected. Ninsi is one. I am an alternate. Which I had really planned on being, but so many people left before the delegate selection that we needed extras.

There's always more than I never remember.

March 11, 2008

Spring Cleaned

It was cold this weekend. But not too cold. And the snow did not close down everything on Friday like some had prognosticated. I stayed home anyway. Mainly because I wanted to, and I have the hours. The weekend was largely uneventful.

Ate out Friday, piddled around Saturday, and Sunday I rented a Rug Doctor to do some cleaning on the carpets. The dogs do make a mess of them. And we wanted things to be a little cleaner since the Squid would be in town next week, as well as half a dozen members of Tracy's family.

The Rug Doctor did not exactly work wonders, but it did clean. We also moved the TV out of the bedroom. Ive been wanting to do that for a while. The room is much nicer looking now, what with the clean carpet and the ugly-ass old dresser moved out. And we have more room. That room is temporary, as we plan to get new bedroom furniture eventually, but it is nice in the meantime. And I think I like not having the TV in there.

We moved the TV to the spare bedroom. Of course, the satellite is not hooked up in there, and when I called Dish today to ask about having it connected, they told him it would cost $99 to have the technician come out and do the wiring. That's a bunch of bull. Im not going to pay them $99 just to connect a wire outside, which is about all they would have to do. I'll manage it myself, somehow. Or drop Dish and get DirectTV and they'll do the full hookup as part of an install special.

DDRing is not a game for old men. Like me.

March 13, 2008

TV Free

I mentioned that Dish wanted too much money to come out and wire another room for us. So I took it on myself to do it. I did not fail horribly, but I did mess everything up for a while. We had no TV Tuesday night. I think I can blame Ninsi for it, really, since she stripped the cable in the bedroom, and once I put a new terminator on that yesterday, everything worked fine again.

However, it doesnt work the way I want it to work, yet. And I think that is a factor of the cable wires themselves. The old wires are not high enough quality for the digital signal. So I cant just plug it into the old wire that goes to the other bedroom. There are ways around that though, and Ill work on those later. If I get it all done, then our cost will be about $21 (the cost of the cable crimper I had to buy) instead of the $99 that Dish wanted.

Im really looking forward to next week and not having to work for a few days. Just have to get through two more days of working first. Im not sure what we will be doing all next week. Probably do some birthday shopping with the Squid, since her birthday will is soon. And might try out a couple new recipes in the kitchen. Cooking may not sound exciting, but it does give you something to do for a couple hours, generally. I think we will may pizza, from scratch. And I think she is old enough to start using a grill. So there will be some open flame lessons as well. Then I can make her wash my car.

What's the point of having a kid if you dont make them do all the chores that you dont want to do?

March 26, 2008


Ah, back to the blog again. I pretty much totally forgot about it over the last week, since I was mostly hanging out at the house. When I wasnt hanging out at the mall with the Squid while she shopped.

We had a good time. Her cousin came down with her, and they kept each other entertained most of the time, so it wasnt too rough on me. Did some shopping, some Six Flags, and some cooking. We made pizzas last week, and I'll have to post the picture of Ninsi's. It's pretty special looking. Gotta work on the dough a little bit, but otherwise, the pizzas were good. Ninsi made another one last night which looked much much better.

I took the Squid back to OK last Friday. That same day my older brother got married. And also on that day my great aunt passed away.

So, that's three relatives Ive lost in about a span of six weeks. Let's hope that is over and done with.

Ninsi and I are supposed to go do the delegate thing this Saturday morning. And outside of that, I dont think we have anything planned until next week when we have our 2nd anniversary. Followed a few days later by my birthday. I'm starting to get up there a little bit.

It is almost time to start thinking about getting some tomatoes into the ground. So i may start working on that this weekend some. Maybe I'll have better luck than last year when the whole operation was a failure, except for the one that blew away in a windstorm and took root under the deck. It just did it too late. It produced fruit, but it started to freeze again before any could ripen.

I think I'll spend some time at the home improvement store, for sure. May not buy much, but there are spring projects on the horizon that I have to start thinking about. mmmmm Spring.

March 28, 2008


Today is cooler. But this week has been nice.
I think I might have to go on a hunt this weekend for earthworms. I need some in a small planter to help the soil out a bit.

So Luna, the dog, has a stone in her bladder about the size of a lemon. Which is about as big as her bladder is. She has been peeing blood for a couple weeks. We took her in and got some pills for her a couple weeks ago, when the vet said he couldnt feel anything so it was probably just an infection. Since the pills didnt seem to be helping, Ninsi took her in yesterday for x-rays, and they saw the big-ass stone.

That is gonna require surgery.

*sigh* stupid dog.

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