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Spring Cleaned

It was cold this weekend. But not too cold. And the snow did not close down everything on Friday like some had prognosticated. I stayed home anyway. Mainly because I wanted to, and I have the hours. The weekend was largely uneventful.

Ate out Friday, piddled around Saturday, and Sunday I rented a Rug Doctor to do some cleaning on the carpets. The dogs do make a mess of them. And we wanted things to be a little cleaner since the Squid would be in town next week, as well as half a dozen members of Tracy's family.

The Rug Doctor did not exactly work wonders, but it did clean. We also moved the TV out of the bedroom. Ive been wanting to do that for a while. The room is much nicer looking now, what with the clean carpet and the ugly-ass old dresser moved out. And we have more room. That room is temporary, as we plan to get new bedroom furniture eventually, but it is nice in the meantime. And I think I like not having the TV in there.

We moved the TV to the spare bedroom. Of course, the satellite is not hooked up in there, and when I called Dish today to ask about having it connected, they told him it would cost $99 to have the technician come out and do the wiring. That's a bunch of bull. Im not going to pay them $99 just to connect a wire outside, which is about all they would have to do. I'll manage it myself, somehow. Or drop Dish and get DirectTV and they'll do the full hookup as part of an install special.

DDRing is not a game for old men. Like me.

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