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Ninsi's family is coming down for a weekend in about two weeks. Her mom, aunt, and three cousins will be down here on Good Friday. The Squid should also be here, as that week is her Spring Break, and I think she may be bringing a friend. That means there will potentially be eight women in the house for the weekend. I dont think Noah had enough water for that many women to shower.

The logistics are unreasonable for how everyone will get clean. Im going to take the 'not worry about it' approach and see if it devolves into a primal feeding frenzy for hot water.

What I wish I had, is a tankless hot water heating system. A small unit just for the master bathroom would be nice, though Id much prefer one that supplied the whole house with hot water. The expense itself for the tankless heaters is not too bad. But I think the expense of a contractor to install one for the whole house would be the prohibitive part. Especially since I think I'd also have to hire an electrician to run a dedicated circuit.

I think, for our next house, I will make an effort to get a tankless system put into it. It would be a lot easier to do if we could manage to build our own house, rather than have to tear out the old heating and install new. I'll worry about that in a couple more years. But tankless is definitely the way to go, I think. Plenty of hot water, all the time. mmmmmmmm

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