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TV Free

I mentioned that Dish wanted too much money to come out and wire another room for us. So I took it on myself to do it. I did not fail horribly, but I did mess everything up for a while. We had no TV Tuesday night. I think I can blame Ninsi for it, really, since she stripped the cable in the bedroom, and once I put a new terminator on that yesterday, everything worked fine again.

However, it doesnt work the way I want it to work, yet. And I think that is a factor of the cable wires themselves. The old wires are not high enough quality for the digital signal. So I cant just plug it into the old wire that goes to the other bedroom. There are ways around that though, and Ill work on those later. If I get it all done, then our cost will be about $21 (the cost of the cable crimper I had to buy) instead of the $99 that Dish wanted.

Im really looking forward to next week and not having to work for a few days. Just have to get through two more days of working first. Im not sure what we will be doing all next week. Probably do some birthday shopping with the Squid, since her birthday will is soon. And might try out a couple new recipes in the kitchen. Cooking may not sound exciting, but it does give you something to do for a couple hours, generally. I think we will may pizza, from scratch. And I think she is old enough to start using a grill. So there will be some open flame lessons as well. Then I can make her wash my car.

What's the point of having a kid if you dont make them do all the chores that you dont want to do?

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