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Ancient & Aged

Yesterday was my birthday. Saturday we had a party to celebrate my birthday as well as our second anniversary. I think it went fairly well. I think I have already outlived the current life expectancy for someone in Zimbabwe. But they are seriously messed up right now.

Reptile and I went out last night to a club for a while. Stayed out a little past one and got up this morning to come on in to work. It is not as easy as it once was to get up after staying out. Though, I suppose it is something that I can still do it at all. "Sweet Dreams" was playing at one point at the club, and some guy came up to Reptile and me and asked us who was singing it. I told him it was the Eurythmics, Annie Lennox. And he went away. Im guessing he asked us because we were the only ones that looked old enough to remember when the song came out.

The worst part about going out to a club is the kids can make you feel real old, real quick.

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