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Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night (2:45 am) because I was too warm. I had been off and on, but this time I could not quite get back to sleep. So I lay there in bed debating getting up to turn the A/C down a bit. While I was thinking about it, the heavens were suddenly rent asunder and a torrent of rain and wind was unleashed.

It was immediate. There was no little rain and some wind building up. It went straight to a total downpour. So I got up and went downstairs and realized the A/C was not on at all. Which would help explain why I was hot. I turned on the TV to check the weather and we had no signal because of the storm. But, we still had internet, so I checked the weather there. Grand Prairie was under a Tornado Warning, a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, and a Flash Flood Warning. All at once. And the radar showed an ugly red slash crossing all of D/FW.

It was a good rain. And a few tree limbs were blown off here at work. Some full trees uprooted elsewhere in Dallas. The biggest thing it did to us was probably give life to more dandelions that I will have to pull up later.

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