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Ninsi was late getting home yesterday. She had a 5pm appointment with a doctor. When she did finally make it home, around 7pm, her right hand was in a cast. Her right wrist, actually, and most of her thumb.

The thumb had been bothering her for about a month now, and last week she went to get it X-rayed. Nothing was broken, so she went to the specialist yesterday and was declared to have a torn ligament that needed to remain stationary for at least a month. Hence, the cast. She's right-handed, of course, so it will be an annoying month for her while she tried to make do with the less coordinated left hand and no opposable joint on the right.

Overall, though, that is not too bad. I can say that because I have had a cast over about 70% of my body. So I speak from experience. I may not get hurt often, but when I do, I do it up right...

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