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I may have mentioned Friday that I wasn't feeling real swell. When I finally made it home after work, I took my temperature and it was a pleasant 100.6. That went a long way towards explaining how I felt. I was not able to actually take a nap though. Just couldnt get to sleep. Which is not odd. Naps don't go well with me. So, mostly, I did nothing Friday. Laid around, and went to bed about midnight. Ninsi gave me a muscle relaxer and I finally slept. Got a solid six hours before waking up. I dozed a little after that. But I haven't had six uninterrupted hours of sleep in weeks, so that was nice. I also felt more or less normal by Saturday morning. Good enough to mow the yard, anyway.

Ninsi and I drove down to the lake for a while, just to check it out. We may try to go out there sometime this Summer. Either for a picnic or just to hang out. Overall, a nice, but not exciting day. We had dinner with Zero Saturday night, and when we got home, the dogs did not greet us at the door. That always raises an instant red flag. If they arent at the door, something is going on, generally, or they have escaped the back yard.

I have put a whole lot of effort into making the backyard fairly escape proof, but that doesnt mean they couldnt manage it if they tried. And someone had mowed the empty lot next to us that afternoon, so the dogs had been riled up by that as well. Anyway, it turns out the dogs were in the backyard. Barley was staring at Luna, and Luna was standing guard over her latest kill. Apparently, when they were mowing the empty lot, they stirred up some rabbits. And at least one managed to get into our back yard. It was probably a lot easier to get in that it would be to get back out. There wasn't any fur left on the rabbit's head, and not much left on it's belly. It was pretty nasty looking, so I tossed it over the fence. Otherwise the dogs would have fought over it all night.

I've lost count of the woodland creatures Luna has now killed.

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