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Ive been lax about updating.
It's just that sooo much has been going on that I barely have time to put anything up here.
And that's a complete lie. There has been absolutely nothing going on. I work, I go home, and I mess around in the yard. And there's not much else to it.

I did catch Luna doing something this weekend that we usually blame Barley for. She got some stuff out of the recycle bin and took it outside. We'd always thought that only Barley did that. Now, we can't be sure that it wasnt Luna all along. At least she has sense enough to look forlorn when you chastise her for doing something wrong. Barley doesnt really seem to care.

Nothing going on this weekend either. Next weekend, Ill be driving up to OK to visit the Squid. And the week after that, Ninsi will be flying up for Mother's Day. And that is pretty much all we have planned until June, I think.

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