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Last day of April today. And I expect the next two thirds to go about the same as this one. Though, we will probably get out of the house a little more in the middle. Maybe go down the river sometime in June. Before it gets too hot.

And in August we're going back to Atlanta for DragonCon. Haven't been in a couple years, so it will be nice to get back. They've expanded from two, to four, hotels now. So it is still growing. Possibly to an annoying point.

My aunt passed away yesterday. That is my dad's second sibling, and my fourth relative to pass away since February. Not how one really wants to remember the their Spring.

Ninsi's dad is in town tonight, so we will be having dinner with him. That's about the only thing we have going on out of the ordinary for a while. I may start doing some extra work. Not for pay or anything, but some stuff that they need done. If nothing else, it will look good for me to do it when it comes time again for me to ask for a raise. And as long as they have work for me to do, then I dont have to worry quite so much about being let go while the economy mucks about for a while longer.

Now, if I can just get my tomoatoes to grow, I'll be doing well.

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