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Yesterday was Memorial Day (observed), so no work, and no school. We made it a mostly relaxing weekend. I mowed the yard and killed a bunch of weeds. And we went out Saturday and Sunday night. Good times all around.

Im not sure if it was a statewide thing, or just a Lowe's, but they were having a tax-free day for any Energy Star appliances bought. And Lowe's specifically was giving an additional 10% off said items. So, if you were looking to buy a new refrigerator or washer/dryer, this weekend would have been the time to do it. Tax free, plus ten percent is a pretty good deal.

I have been wanting to get a programmable digital thermostat for some time, and since they are also Energy Star, Ninsi and I went to Lowe's to get one. I looked at the flyer online, and found the one that I wanted specifically. When we arrived, I found what I was looking for, and they had two left. And one that was a slightly upgraded version. However, all of them had already been opened, and put back on the shelves. It looked like they had been bought, taken home, and brought back. I asked someone if they could find me one that was unopened, and that person said he'd send someone to help. They never did. Another random Lowe's employee walked by, and I told him I wanted one that was unopened. Because I wasn't going to pay full price for one that was in the condition of these. He looked at them, and said he'd try to get me 50% off of one. He was gone less than a minute and said it was approved. So I bought the upgraded version that was orginally $70 for only $35. And still no tax. ;)

One thing Ninis noticed when looking at the small pamphlet I had picked up was that all of the new thermostats "contain no mercury." It's been phased out as a health and environmental danger. First thing we did when we got home was install the new thermostat. It took a little longer than it should have, but it wasnt hard. So, now we have a nice new programmable digital thermostat, which should result in some lower electric bills for the Summer.

The other neat thing is that when I took off the old analog thermostat, the first thing I see is two vials of Mercury (Hg) that is used for regulating temperature. I dont know what Im going to do with it, but I cant just through it away, because it is just too cool to not keep. And anyway, throwing it away would be a violation of code, Im pretty sure, since it is toxic. So, I guess I have to keep it.

Hopefully, I wont soon be blogging on the ills of Mercury poisoning.

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