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I married a wench

Grand Prairie has a minor league baseball team now. They started playing this week, and the home opener is tomorrow. Ninsi and I went up a month ago and bought tickets to opening night. While there, she filled out an application, hoping to get a job behind the bar in the restaurant. They called last night, and want Ninsi to be a beer girl. So she's going to do that. She's officially a wench now.

I also now have a spare ticket to the game.

We put in our low-ball bid on a 15 year old truck yesterday. I went fairly low because I dont *need* a truck. I just could use one about 4 times a year, and that just isnt often enough to spend a lot of money on one. But it is a blind auction, so I just gave a number. If I get it, go me. If not, then it isnt a big loss. Im not sure where I would actually keep a truck anyway. The City will not let me just park it on the grass, and the gate is too small for a truck to fit through in order to park in the backyard. So, if I do accidentally wind up with a truck one of these days, I will have some logistic issues to hammer out.

Looks like we're heading to teh Ren Faire early Saturday. We have to go in the morning because the wife has wench duties to perform on Saturday night. And Sunday night. And Monday night. I hope she makes good tips.

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