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Make my day

Our neighborhood has a lot of dogs. And most of our neighbors see fit to let their dogs just run around freely. Ninsi and I keep our dogs in the fence. We dont let them run around. Maybe because our dogs are each 5-10 times the size of most of the neighbors chihuahuas and terriers. And maybe because one of our dogs might think the little dogs were lunch. And it is a lot easier to keep track of them if they are in the yard. And we aren't as open to random liability from someone that is afraid of dogs.

Anyway, most of our neighbors do not keep their dogs in their own yard. And the other dogs often wander through our front yard which makes Barley and Luna go nuts. Yesterday, I opened the front door, and two chihuahuas were laying in the front yard. As if it was their own. So, I picked up a rock and threw it at them. I missed, badly. Why was I so far off the mark? Because Im not a caveman and have not developed good rock throwing skillz.

However, I do have good sling shot abilities. So today, I purchased for myself a new slingshot. And ammo. Next time a dog is in the yard, they will run out yipping.

I thought about getting a bb/pellet gun. And may still do that later this Summer. But, Im not looking to kill or seriously hurt any of the dogs... yet. Yes, I know, I could kill a small dog with the slingshot. But it's less likely. Plus, the bb gun would have the same problem as the paintball gun. It makes a noise that the neighbors can here.

The slingshot is silent, and thereby, much more suited to my purposes. I'll be sure to inform if/when I actually use it.

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