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Rain Barrel

I want to make a rain barrel, or two. Our water bill last month was more than ten dollars above the normal. Not that ten dollars is a stellar amount of money, but it does mean we used a whole lot more water than we normally do.

I expected it to some degree, namely because I have been watering a lot more, trying to get the front yard to grow properly. I've put out quite a bit of new grass seed, and it requires lots of water. I do not water the back yard, but I have a tree and some plants that need watering. So, overall, we used a few hundred extra gallons.

To help mitigate our lawn and garden water usage, I want to make a couple rain barrels for capturing rain water off the roof, and then I can use that to water stuff. They are simple to make, and not uncommon. The city of Grand Prairie actually sells a kit, that includes the barrel, for $30. So I think I might buy two of those. What I can't figure out though, is how I will get the barrels back to the house. A Fifty-five Gallon barrel is not going to fit into my car. I would have better luck getting it in the Mustang with the top down.

Of course, if I could find some food-grade 55 G drums somewhere that I did not have to pay for them, then I would be able to make the barrels for a lot cheaper. It will probably take over a year to recoup the price of the a barrel if I actually do manage to lower my tap usage.

It's expensive to be green. At least at the start.

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