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Squid break

Got a call from the Squid Mama over the weekend. Apparently, Friday night, while doing a back hand-spring, the Squid broke her hand. They had got a temporary cast put on Saturday and were waiting to see a specialist this week.

The initial doctor said it was a broken finger, and probably pulled ligaments. Which would require surgery, and possible spell and end to the cheerleading career. They were supposed to go Monday, but I guess could not get an appointment. So, on Tuesday, they went to see the specialist. It was confirmed as a break to the middle finger, but no other damage. The Squid is now in a brace and will be a cheerleader again as soon as it is healed.

She is still going to cheer camp next month and most of the Summer. Then volleyball after that. She should be coming down here for a short visit towards the end of June.

I was hoping to get a copy of the X-Ray and post it, but I haven't been able to yet. I'll be sure to put it up once I get a copy, if I can finagle one.

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