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Truckin' dreams

My dreams of being a truck owner were shattered today. Last week, I put in a bid on an old truck in a blind auction. I wasnt really expecting to win, but it would have been nice to get a full size truck fairly cheap.

The bids were due on Friday, and today, Ninsi called the office and found out that the winner had put in a bid that was three times greater than ours. They bid closer to what the truck was actually worth. I didn't come anywhere near it. I did not want to though. I wouldnt mind having a truck for hauling stuff around, but I will not pay very much for it, since I probably won't use it more than 5 times in a year.

Yesterday we went to the Scarborough Ren Faire with Reptile and his wife. We were there a few hours and it was pretty much as I remember it being last year. And the year before. I really don't see a reason for going more than once every other year. Turkey legs are good to eat, but not worth the drive and price of admission by itself.

They need to get new talent.
I need to find another cheapass truck to try to buy.

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