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June 2, 2008


June now.
And it's hot.

But that didnt stop Reptile and I from playing golf Saturday. It was about 95 out, and we played 18 holes. Did not do as well as last week, but it was decent.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I purchased a new slingshot for dealing with the neighbor dogs that I sometimes see in my yard. When I got home Friday, there was one that looked like it was about to walk into the yard, so I went inside and got the slingshot. Unfortunately, some of my neighbors were outside, so I had to be careful. I opened the front door and stood back out of sight. My first shot was low. But I was barely aiming. Trying to be inconspicuous. The second shot though, hit the little neighbor dog right in the abdomen. It yelped, jumped up, and ran home. Exactly what I wanted to happen. I only pulled the sling back about halfway, so it wasnt enough to actually hurt the dog. If I see him again, I might have to pull back a little more. But the slingshot purchase was totally worth it, now.

Sunday, I finally got around to doing some work in the front yard that had been annoying me for a while. When we bought the house, there were shrubs in front of the bay window, and they had used bricks, put into the ground at a slant, as the border for the shrub/yard. I took the shrubs out the first month we were in the house. Always hated those, and replaced them with rose bushes. Yesterday, I decided that I was done looking at the bricks and was tired of them falling over and looking like crap, so I bought new mulch and some landscaping edging blocks. After pulling out the old bricks and raking out the old mulch and putting in the new blocks and mulch, it looks about a thousand times better. Im only sorry I waited so long to do it.

Next project - new railing.

June 4, 2008


Our dogs fail at killing bugs. Both of them.

There was a small beetle in the house the other night. Ninsi and I were sitting on the couch after dinner and we saw it making the long trek across the living room floor. It crawled right in front of Luna, who was laying on the floor. Less than an inch from her paws. Barley at least would sniff at it, and if prodded, he would paw at it, but without us trying to make them do something, they completely ignore the bug.

Not that I really need a dog that will kill bugs, it would just be funny.

Eddie Izzard show tomorrow night. Ninsi is very excited about it. She's a huge fan. Sometimes, I find him funny. And Friday, no work for me. Taking a random holiday. Will probably help Zero move some stuff to his new house in the afternoon, but it will mostly be a relax day.

My tomato plant is not making tomatoes. I dont know why.

June 10, 2008


This weekend, while doing lots of mostly nothing at the house, I finally decided on a new project to start. I am going to re-tile the guest bathroom upstairs. "Re-tile" is not quite right, since that would imply that it was currently actually tiled. It has linoleum times, and I dont think that qualifies.

It is a small bathroom. Less than 30 square feet, I think. So it should not be too difficult a project. I have never done tiling and think it would be a good practice run. If it turns out well, I may move on to doing the master bath, which is significantly larger.

So, I have to find myself a tile saw. I want a decent one, but dont want to spend $600 on it since I wont use it more than a couple times. But Im afraid the cheap ones wont hold up well. They might work for the light use I need though. I may try a couple pawn shops to see what they have. Once I get around to doing it, I'll post pictures. It'll probably be a month or two, since there is no rush. Im just looking at it as a project.

Oh, if you wake up the slumbering Sleep God, and he gets petulant and irate, it is because he wants incense. The answer is: incense.

June 12, 2008


I have two weeks left with my current employer. After that, I will be with a new consulting company. Nothing much else is changing. But it is a local company, which is nice, since the place I work for right now has completely pulled out of Dallas. That was a big reason for making the switch. They gave me a little more money. Not as much as I would have liked, but instead of dough, I get four weeks of vacation. A week of sick time. And ten holidays a year. So that is all pretty nice.

I know quite a few people at the new place already, so it should be an easy transition. Went to happy hour with them last night. The boss is a good guy, but he must not like it if you have an empty hand, because he made sure you got another beer before you were halfway through the first one. And there was a shot of tequila in there, too.

In other random news, Dethklok is coming to the House of Blues. I think I may have to go. There's no way it wont be fun.

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June 16, 2008


In short, Accent Movers in Ft Worth sucks. A whole lot.
Friday night was Thrill Kill Kult. And that was good. But Ninsi and I had to get up and about late Saturday morning and go to Khuul's house to help them move. Our plan was not to really help them move, so much as it was to pay for the movers that would be doing most of the work. The movers were to show up sometime between 2-4 and take all the big stuff to the new house. We went over early to make sure everything was ready to go.

It wasn't. But that was okay, because at 2 pm, the moving company called me and said they got a late start that day and would not be able to make it until 5 pm. Okay, so that gave us a couple more hours to get stuff ready. We also started loading up Reptile's Hummer and Khuul's truck with stuff that we had really expected the movers to take, but since we had nothing to do but wait, we kept working.

At 5 o'clock, no one showed up. At 6:30, we left the house with our load(s) since we had not heard from the movers, and none of the numbers I had for them were being answered. Needless to say, I was rather pissed. They did finally call at 8 pm, long after we had unloaded the stuff at the new house and assembled the bunk beds. I had to reschedule them for Sunday at 1.

Given the option, I would have told them to take a flying fuck, but I was sure I would be unable to get movers on Sunday, otherwise. Ninsi and I had to cancel the plans we had for Saturday night since we were still helping with the move. By the time we finally got home, I was in no mood to do anything. So we played some Lego Star Wars.

Sunday, we went over to the house again to wait for the movers. And even though they called to verify the time, they were still a half hour late in arriving. And wanted me to pay them in cash (which I refused to do since I had been told they took debit). Everyone else loaded up more boxes and went to the new house while Ninsi and I stayed and made sure the movers got all the big stuff. Two hours after they arrived, they finished loading the truck. I was hoping the whole move wouldnt take that long. In total, the move time was 3.5 hours. And most of my Sunday was shot.

The weekend was not a waste, as we were able to get Khuul moved, and that was the main thing. But it just took way to much effort on my part. By the time finished mowing the lawn yesterday, I was completely beat. I did call the moving company today at lunch and complained about the whole thing. The girl that answered the phone was very apologetic, but that really doesnt help a whole lot.

I briefly debating 'googlebombing' Accent Movers to a suck page. But that is more effort than they deserve from me.

June 23, 2008

The Squid is here

Went to OK this weekend and came back with the Squid. She's only staying through this week since her Summer schedule is too busy with cheerleading and volleyball to allow an extended stay. We have a couple things planned though, so it should be a good week.

Im taking off a couple days this week, and Ninsi is taking off a couple as well. Probably do the 6 Flags things and maybe a day at a water park. Never was a big fan of the water parks. I dont think I really have a choice though.

June 26, 2008

How to feel old

Back at work after taking a couple days off to hang with the Squid. She and Ninsi are out today at Six Flags.

Yesterday, we all went out to NRH2O. A water park in North Richland Hills. We spent the day there and it was pretty nice. The park seems fairly laid back. Being ran by a city makes it more of a community place and it isnt as profit driven as a private park like Hurricane Harbor.

The first ride we went on was basically a water roller coaster. You get into a two person inner tube and ride down the thing. It has water jets that push you up the hills. While we were in line, there was a girl of about seven years old right behind us in line. She seemed to be by herself and started talking to us. She'd already been on the ride a couple times, etc. Eventually, we got to the top and the Squid and I got into one tube and went on down. Ninsi was about to get into a tube for herself, when the little girl asked her "Was that your daddy?", in reference to me.

Sure, to a seven year old I must appear ancient, but still... :(

June 28, 2008

10,000 BC

10,000 BC is easily one of the worst movies ever.
Not because of plot.
Not because of production.
No because it doesn't make sense or have continuity.
It's just so fucking anachronistic.
Steel? 12,000 years ago? A sexant? The sextant really did it for me.

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