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Our dogs fail at killing bugs. Both of them.

There was a small beetle in the house the other night. Ninsi and I were sitting on the couch after dinner and we saw it making the long trek across the living room floor. It crawled right in front of Luna, who was laying on the floor. Less than an inch from her paws. Barley at least would sniff at it, and if prodded, he would paw at it, but without us trying to make them do something, they completely ignore the bug.

Not that I really need a dog that will kill bugs, it would just be funny.

Eddie Izzard show tomorrow night. Ninsi is very excited about it. She's a huge fan. Sometimes, I find him funny. And Friday, no work for me. Taking a random holiday. Will probably help Zero move some stuff to his new house in the afternoon, but it will mostly be a relax day.

My tomato plant is not making tomatoes. I dont know why.

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