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How to feel old

Back at work after taking a couple days off to hang with the Squid. She and Ninsi are out today at Six Flags.

Yesterday, we all went out to NRH2O. A water park in North Richland Hills. We spent the day there and it was pretty nice. The park seems fairly laid back. Being ran by a city makes it more of a community place and it isnt as profit driven as a private park like Hurricane Harbor.

The first ride we went on was basically a water roller coaster. You get into a two person inner tube and ride down the thing. It has water jets that push you up the hills. While we were in line, there was a girl of about seven years old right behind us in line. She seemed to be by herself and started talking to us. She'd already been on the ride a couple times, etc. Eventually, we got to the top and the Squid and I got into one tube and went on down. Ninsi was about to get into a tube for herself, when the little girl asked her "Was that your daddy?", in reference to me.

Sure, to a seven year old I must appear ancient, but still... :(

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Or Ninsi looks really young....

Yeah, but then it wouldnt be all about me...

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