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This weekend, while doing lots of mostly nothing at the house, I finally decided on a new project to start. I am going to re-tile the guest bathroom upstairs. "Re-tile" is not quite right, since that would imply that it was currently actually tiled. It has linoleum times, and I dont think that qualifies.

It is a small bathroom. Less than 30 square feet, I think. So it should not be too difficult a project. I have never done tiling and think it would be a good practice run. If it turns out well, I may move on to doing the master bath, which is significantly larger.

So, I have to find myself a tile saw. I want a decent one, but dont want to spend $600 on it since I wont use it more than a couple times. But Im afraid the cheap ones wont hold up well. They might work for the light use I need though. I may try a couple pawn shops to see what they have. Once I get around to doing it, I'll post pictures. It'll probably be a month or two, since there is no rush. Im just looking at it as a project.

Oh, if you wake up the slumbering Sleep God, and he gets petulant and irate, it is because he wants incense. The answer is: incense.

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