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Blow out

Fourth of July has come and gone. We did not do much for the holiday. Went to the horse races last Thursday. And a couple friends came over on Friday and I grilled burgers and hot dogs. Then we sat out on the balcony and watched the fireworks from around the metroplex, as well as the fireworks from the street in front of our house. Some of the neighbor kids were setting off mortars in the street. A clear violation of city regulations. No one cared. A cop even drove by once, but did not even bother to stop.

The burgers I grilled turned out very good. They were very juicy. I didnt realize until last night, however, how much burger goo had dripped into the bottom of the grill. Ninsi and i made pizza, and decided to use the grill to heat it up. But I had a hard time getting the temp to stay at 350, because the stuff in the bottom of the grill ignited and burned for a solid 20 minutes. So, after we had eaten our smoky pizza, and the grill had cooled off, I took everything out and scrubbed it down. Then turned it back on to try to burn off anything that was left.

The next cooking experience on it should be much better. Reptile will actually be using it this weekend to grill corn. It would have been funny had I not cleaned it, and the corn caught on fire, but since Im planning on everyone eating the corn, it would not have been in my best interests.

I bought a nineteen pound turkey yesterday. I'll let it start thawing out tomorrow. It should be ready for cooking on Saturday. We still have to go buy one more gift for the Dirty Santa exchange. We have one already from the Somethingstore.com. And it is indeed a winner...

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