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Celebrate America

It's July 3rd. And Im off work tomorrow for the holiday.
I nearly let the week go by without posting anything. Not because of a lack of desire, but rather I have been so busy this week that when I have time to relax and post, Ive forgotten that I was planning to.

Going to cook hamburgers tomorrow for any of our friends that happen to still be in town. Most folk are out of town for the long weekend. Ninsi's mother is in town and has been staying with us since last Saturday, so we're staying here. Last year, we cooked burgers and planned to watch the fireworks from Lone Star Park, but managed to miss them. But our neighbor put on a good show. With any luck, he'll do the same tomorrow night and we can just watch it all from our balcony.

We are going to the horse track tonight for a while. Just to hang out in the muggy heat, mostly, I think. Maybe bet a few dollars on the ponies.

Happy 4th.

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