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So, sometimes I run. I run from the house, up to the park, and around the mile track there a couple times. Then come home. Because it is so very hot outside right now, I do not run the whole time. I run some, then walk some, the run again. Mainly so I dont give myself a heat stroke. And there is no real reason for me to try to run the whole thing.

The problem comes in with all the other people that are out walking or running as well. Especially later in the evening. There are a few dozen other people on the track as well. I have issues walking when other people can see. I'm there to run, so they shouldn't see me walk. This makes me run more than I really should, given the heat. And it also makes me run faster than I really should. So it takes considerable effort for me to stay with my schedule and walk part of the time. But the whole time Im walking, Im annoyed at all the people I perceive to be staring at me. I mean, they are walking slow, or pushing baby strollers and shit, so it's not like they are actually caring what I am doing. It's just all in my head. And it is probably going to cause me to have a heat stroke because Im going to wind up running too far, too fast, when it is way too hot.

My competitiveness is my albatross.

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