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I really need to win the big lotto sometime soon so I dont have to bother with work anymore. Because it is really cutting into my 'me' time. It might help if I actually bought a ticket once in a while.

Went and saw Batman: The Dark Knight last night. It is very good. Everyone should pretty much go see it.

Ninsi and I went to the Dallas Museum of Art last Friday. She bought a membership for the year so we can go anytime. We've already got our tickets to King Tut in November. On the third Friday of every month, they stay open til midnight and do a movie and random stuff. So it is actually rather neat. We watched about half of Giant. I wasn't really in a movie-mood, but I think we should rent it to watch the rest of it.

The rest of the weekend was spent mostly cleaning house and doing yardwork. I had been letting the yard slide for a couple weeks. Time to get back to it now. I planted some more ivy that will hopefully take hold and eventually cover the wall. I dont think it will do that well though. It grows better in shade, and the last 50' of wall is in the sun all day. So I will be surprised if the ivy last through the week with every day being 100+ degrees.

DCon - 5 weeks, and counting.

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