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Im getting lax about posting, it seems. I try to put something up 3 days a week, but I think Im averaging only twice a week for a while now.

I think it is six weeks til Ninsi and I and most of the people we know here in Dallas fly off to Atlanta for DragonCon. We haven't been in a couple years, and it appears to have grown significantly in size since we were there last. And when we were there, it already completely encompassed two hotels. Now it has four, at least.

That will be over Labor Day weekend, as it always is. Im sure we will return with a few thousand pictures. Not too many of us, mind you, but thousands of everyone else. Not a hard feat considering there will probably be 40,000 people in attendance total.

I have one good costume for it. Ninsi wants to 'party with the Pirates' so I am going to try to put together a good piratey costume over the next month as well.

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