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Nothing going on

It's mid-July now, and we just finished our Fourth Annual mid-July thing wherein I cook a bigass turkey and we exchange gifts. Reptile and his wife got the worst of it, I think. He was the recipient of the things we got from Somethingstore.com. Almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

With the conclusion of the turkey fest, Ninsi and I now have pretty much nothing left to do until we head to DragonCon at the end of August. I will probably make a trip up to OK sometime before then, but outside of that, i think that our weekends are totally open. Which is really kind of nice. Normally I would look forward to getting some stuff done around the house on those days, but I really dont have a lot to do. So I may start looking into that wet tile saw some more. It's about time I bought myself a new power tool anyway, and the saw would fit the bill nicely.

Of course, I also need to build a deck railing. I should do that before I start tiling the bathroom.

Dark Knight starts tomorrow at midnight. Probably wont make the midnight show. Getting too old for that.

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