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August 1, 2008

The Cut

Only about two hours left in the workweek, and I am still employed.
It's been a questionable week here. I work at an airline, so things have been shaky for a while and they have had to lay off a load of people. My group has lost a couple over the past few months, and one more had his last day today.

I get the entire workload of that guy. So, you know, that should equal a little more job security. Hopefully, anyway.
But for now, I am gainfully employed, and that is the important bit. That is really what has had me so busy lately. Ive been taking on more work and barely have had any time at all to myself. It is hard to get work done for people if they wont leave you alone long enough to actually do it. They sit in my cube for a half hour or call me into a conference room for an hour to explain what they want done, or how something should work, but hardly ever give me time enough to do it.

Ive finally started making some progress.

But it is now nearly the weekend and I'll not be thinking of work for at least the next 60 hours.
It's martini time, somewhere...

August 5, 2008


Heading to Oklahoma this weekend to hang out with the Squid before she starts high school in about a week. Going to take the day off work Friday to drive up. I have plenty of vacation time to blow. I am thinking about going up Thursday night and playing some golf with my brother Friday morning. But I think that one of the taillights on my car is not working and Id prefer to not do too much night driving, especially out of state, if that is the case.

The dealer fixed the light once as part of a recall on the car. That was about 40k miles ago. It should still work, but Reptile was behind me Sunday after dinner and he let me know that I had no brake light. I'll be going by the dealership today after work to see if they can fix it, and how long it will take for them to do that. It is just one of the many things that will need to be fixed on the car before I can give it to the Squid in about a year. Of course, I will have to buy a new car to replace it in the meantime. And Ninsi and I will have to squabble over that. She wants a hybrid. I want a sporty car.

3.5 weeks to DragonCon... and counting...

August 12, 2008


I have not been watching the Olympics. But I have been following them, somewhat. I would rather watch the competitions live, instead of delayed, so I generally just check the medal counts and read up on the stories long after they are complete. It is less enjoyable for me if I know who's going to win a given sport. If I dont know the outcome, Im more likely to watch.

Apparently the Chinese are intent on presenting the best possible face, even when it involves trickery. The opening ceremonies that everyone saw on TV, and even some in the stands were digitally enhanced. And the little girl that sang during the ceremonies was actually lip-syncing. The girl that actually sang the song was deemed to be not cute enough for TV.

And people say we Americans are image obsessed.

August 14, 2008

Pleasant surprises

Ninsi and I both stayed home from work yesterday. She was feeling very poorly all night and morning, so I stayed home in case she decided she needed to go to the doctor. She didn't. And by a little after noon, she was feeling better.

I used the time to take care of some errands that needed doing. Mostly with the cars. Got my oil changed and tires rotated. And we got two new tires put on the Mustang. I also dropped my car off at the Saturn dealership so they could give it a once-over and let me know what all maintenance work needs to be done. This is a long term project of mine to get the car in as good a shape as possible with the idea of eventually giving it to the Squid in another year and a half.

They called me this morning and nothing is way wrong, which is good.

Anyway, Ninsi and I eventually got hungry and decided to go out and have a substantial meal instead of trying to subsist on what we have at the house. Which would have been soup or a sandwich. We went to Texas Roadhouse on I-20 about 5:30. We had no been there in almost a year, because the food really wasn't that great. First thing we noticed when we got there was that there were a lot of people eating. And it seemed a little too early to be that busy.

Then we noticed the large banner that said you could get two meals for $14.99 between 4-6 pm. So that explained the crowd. It was also a limited menu, but included two sides, so we went for that deal and each got the 6 oz sirloin. We were both surprised at how good the steaks were. Maybe we were just hungry, but we both went in just expecting an okay meal. What we got was a good enough dinner to make us revisit the Roadhouse again soon instead of waiting another year.

So, way to step it up there, Texas Roadhouse.

August 15, 2008

Rather large

I am 6' tall. That is a taller than the average American, but not by a great amount. A couple inches maybe.

Today, I went to pick up my Saturn from the dealership. Nothing wrong with it, just needs some scheduled maintenance. While I was there, I asked them if I could get a trade in value for the Mustang. Since we have been thinking of trading it in for another sports car.

They let me drive home a 2008 Saturn Sky so that I would be able to think about it and show it to Ninsi while they came up with a number for the trade in. The car drives real well. Putting the top up and down is pretty annoying, but outside of that, I really like the car, except for one thing... Im too tall to be comfortable in it.

It just doesn't fit me real well. I feel like I am all akimbo. The seat is as far back and as low as I can get it, but I feel like I need two more inches of leg room. All of the controls are well placed, and it is a good ride, but I just dont think I can get past feeling cramped. So, I dont think we will be getting a Sky anytime soon. Unless they can pull the seats back a little farther.

I guess I will have to stick with big sports cars like the Mustang. Poor me.

August 20, 2008


I took a half day off work Friday so that the AT&T guy could come out and install new TV/Internet for us.

They made it out Saturday morning.

It is actually pretty nice. We have four video feeds coming in, which means we can record up to four shows at one time. Starting in October, we will be able to watch what we recorded on one TV on any other TV. It also has a lot of integration with the internet. A lot of shows that are put online after the network has aired them are available through our DVD at no cost. And one channel is dedicated to our Flickr page. I'm not real sure how useful that will ever be, though.

And, if I hear about something while I am at work that I want to record, I can log in from the internet and tell the DVR to start recording it.

Of course, when we got home yesterday, it wasnt working and the whole thing had to be power cycled. And it emits a fairly high pitch whine most of the time. So AT&T is supposed to be back out tonight to replace that box. Hopefully they will also be able to tell me why the internet just randomly stops working. I never lose the connection, but if I have chat windows up, they will all drop. And I have to force a reconnect.

8 Days til we fly out to Atlanta. Ninsi's head may explode well before then.

August 26, 2008

2... and counting

Today is Tuesday.
In two more days, Ninsi and I will be on our way to Atlanta for DragonCon. We're actually mostly packed already. Which is phenomenal. I might see about actually packing most of what we are taking tonight. Then just seeing how much we really have.

Most everyone we know is going, so it should be a good time. Don't worry, we'll all remain perfectly sober the whole time.

Got a new team lead here at work. I'll really start to break him in when I get back from Atlanta. I'm not sure what he's doing this week. It takes so long to get our ids here that the first week is usually spent just twiddlin.

After this weekend, Ninsi and I dont really have anything going on until October. So much as Im looking forward to D*Con, I also like to look forward to the weekends of nothing.

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