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I took a half day off work Friday so that the AT&T guy could come out and install new TV/Internet for us.

They made it out Saturday morning.

It is actually pretty nice. We have four video feeds coming in, which means we can record up to four shows at one time. Starting in October, we will be able to watch what we recorded on one TV on any other TV. It also has a lot of integration with the internet. A lot of shows that are put online after the network has aired them are available through our DVD at no cost. And one channel is dedicated to our Flickr page. I'm not real sure how useful that will ever be, though.

And, if I hear about something while I am at work that I want to record, I can log in from the internet and tell the DVR to start recording it.

Of course, when we got home yesterday, it wasnt working and the whole thing had to be power cycled. And it emits a fairly high pitch whine most of the time. So AT&T is supposed to be back out tonight to replace that box. Hopefully they will also be able to tell me why the internet just randomly stops working. I never lose the connection, but if I have chat windows up, they will all drop. And I have to force a reconnect.

8 Days til we fly out to Atlanta. Ninsi's head may explode well before then.

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