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Heading to Oklahoma this weekend to hang out with the Squid before she starts high school in about a week. Going to take the day off work Friday to drive up. I have plenty of vacation time to blow. I am thinking about going up Thursday night and playing some golf with my brother Friday morning. But I think that one of the taillights on my car is not working and Id prefer to not do too much night driving, especially out of state, if that is the case.

The dealer fixed the light once as part of a recall on the car. That was about 40k miles ago. It should still work, but Reptile was behind me Sunday after dinner and he let me know that I had no brake light. I'll be going by the dealership today after work to see if they can fix it, and how long it will take for them to do that. It is just one of the many things that will need to be fixed on the car before I can give it to the Squid in about a year. Of course, I will have to buy a new car to replace it in the meantime. And Ninsi and I will have to squabble over that. She wants a hybrid. I want a sporty car.

3.5 weeks to DragonCon... and counting...

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