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Pleasant surprises

Ninsi and I both stayed home from work yesterday. She was feeling very poorly all night and morning, so I stayed home in case she decided she needed to go to the doctor. She didn't. And by a little after noon, she was feeling better.

I used the time to take care of some errands that needed doing. Mostly with the cars. Got my oil changed and tires rotated. And we got two new tires put on the Mustang. I also dropped my car off at the Saturn dealership so they could give it a once-over and let me know what all maintenance work needs to be done. This is a long term project of mine to get the car in as good a shape as possible with the idea of eventually giving it to the Squid in another year and a half.

They called me this morning and nothing is way wrong, which is good.

Anyway, Ninsi and I eventually got hungry and decided to go out and have a substantial meal instead of trying to subsist on what we have at the house. Which would have been soup or a sandwich. We went to Texas Roadhouse on I-20 about 5:30. We had no been there in almost a year, because the food really wasn't that great. First thing we noticed when we got there was that there were a lot of people eating. And it seemed a little too early to be that busy.

Then we noticed the large banner that said you could get two meals for $14.99 between 4-6 pm. So that explained the crowd. It was also a limited menu, but included two sides, so we went for that deal and each got the 6 oz sirloin. We were both surprised at how good the steaks were. Maybe we were just hungry, but we both went in just expecting an okay meal. What we got was a good enough dinner to make us revisit the Roadhouse again soon instead of waiting another year.

So, way to step it up there, Texas Roadhouse.

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