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Rather large

I am 6' tall. That is a taller than the average American, but not by a great amount. A couple inches maybe.

Today, I went to pick up my Saturn from the dealership. Nothing wrong with it, just needs some scheduled maintenance. While I was there, I asked them if I could get a trade in value for the Mustang. Since we have been thinking of trading it in for another sports car.

They let me drive home a 2008 Saturn Sky so that I would be able to think about it and show it to Ninsi while they came up with a number for the trade in. The car drives real well. Putting the top up and down is pretty annoying, but outside of that, I really like the car, except for one thing... Im too tall to be comfortable in it.

It just doesn't fit me real well. I feel like I am all akimbo. The seat is as far back and as low as I can get it, but I feel like I need two more inches of leg room. All of the controls are well placed, and it is a good ride, but I just dont think I can get past feeling cramped. So, I dont think we will be getting a Sky anytime soon. Unless they can pull the seats back a little farther.

I guess I will have to stick with big sports cars like the Mustang. Poor me.

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