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The Cut

Only about two hours left in the workweek, and I am still employed.
It's been a questionable week here. I work at an airline, so things have been shaky for a while and they have had to lay off a load of people. My group has lost a couple over the past few months, and one more had his last day today.

I get the entire workload of that guy. So, you know, that should equal a little more job security. Hopefully, anyway.
But for now, I am gainfully employed, and that is the important bit. That is really what has had me so busy lately. Ive been taking on more work and barely have had any time at all to myself. It is hard to get work done for people if they wont leave you alone long enough to actually do it. They sit in my cube for a half hour or call me into a conference room for an hour to explain what they want done, or how something should work, but hardly ever give me time enough to do it.

Ive finally started making some progress.

But it is now nearly the weekend and I'll not be thinking of work for at least the next 60 hours.
It's martini time, somewhere...

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