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It's Talk Like a Pirate Day - the international phenomenon.

So, I dreamed of vampires last night. It was a very long dream. Ranging from a collegiate library to an attached mall, and even collapsing parking lots. Then the very civil party with the vampires on a large ranch-style porch. I knew they were waiting for me, but everyone was being quite polite about it. The vampires were just taking their time, because they knew they could get me.

They left the porch party and I used that time to get Ninsi away safely. She went off with some Dallasites that were too vacant to be of interest to the vampires. Then I ran off and jumped in the river. And started swimming. I swam the length of the river. To the ocean. Then swam some more. Started going around the world to stay ahead of them and try to find a way to destroy them. I periodically sent postcards and letters back to Ninsi, but never from where I actually was.

Eventually I made it to the Arctic and found a sea turtle. The research woman studying the turtle fed it some Drambuie, and then some whisky. Then she rubbed champagne on the turtles eyes. After all that, the turtle expelled about a half gallon of acid. Even in the dream I was fairly incredulous of this. But it happened, and the acid was the key to defeating the vampires.

Im not exactly sure how I was supposed to use it on them. Maybe like holy water. But I woke up before I could put the plan into action. It was a long dream.

I have been dreaming of vampires lately.

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