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Ninsi and I bought some art to put on the walls when we were in Atlanta a few weeks ago. But we did not want to mess with trying to get in on the plane, so we told the artist to just ship it to us. I finally got email confirmation from him that it has been shipped. And according to FedEx, it will be here Saturday. Hopefully one of us will be at the house to sign for it.

We've been looking for something to hang in the living room since we bought the house. And we do have stuff on the walls, but it's not great for the area. When we went on the honeymoon to Greece, we found painting of Santorini while we were in Rhodes. We negotiated with the dealer and bought it, and he was going to send it back to us in the US. It was really to big to easily take on the rest of the cruise. Much less the airplane.

That particular bit of art never arrived. Thanks to Visa, we did not have to actually pay for it, but the experience was really annoying. So we have been looking for something else since then. We think we have found it, and I really hope this new stuff looks good on the wall. We should know come Saturday. Once we get it up, I'll probably post a picture.

We both really liked the originals of what we bought, but they were five feet tall each and $25000 apiece. And there's four pieces. So we bought smaller versions at a significantly lower amount.

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