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I thought I would try something new today at lunch. Wendy's has been advertising their new 'Baconator' sandwich. Half a pound of meat, and bacon. It seems like a winner.

But it's not.

It comes with cheese and mayo. Two things I dont want on a sandwich, so I made sure to not get those when I ordered it. So, I got a burger with two pieces of meat, some ketchup, and soggy bacon. I know better than to expect anything I buy at Wendy's to look like it does in the picture, but the bacon wasn't even close. Veggies would have helped quite a bit. It was amazingly bland as it was. Somehow, they managed to take the flavor of bacon away. It was a little greasy. Which made the whole concoction a little soggy. Not in a good way. I think it is understood that I will not be making this mistake again.

Oh, and they say "6 pieces of hickory smoked bacon". I think I had two pieces. Definitely not six. I think I got ripped off.

Baconator = disappointment

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