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I think I have mentioned before that I sit across from a cube with a rotating group of employees. It is generally pregnant women, or people with cancer who are on 'light duty.' They can't do their normal job function so get to sit in this cube and do easier work. It's only for a max of six months. I think in the last two years, there's been eight or so different people work in that cube.

Today, when I came in, I noticed that the chair had a trash bag in it, and on top of the bag was a towel. My first thought was that maybe the very pregnant woman sitting there currently was having bladder issues. Then I realized that no, she is just so close to birthing that her water could break at any time. Personally, I think that she would have been better off if the water broke and soaked into the chair because the chair can just be replaced. But anything that rolled off that garbage and onto the floor would just soak into the carpet.

She left at noon though. Today was her last day on light duty and she's going on maternity leave. No breakage. Thank Jebus.

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