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Was in the living room today watching some football and cleaning up a bit, when Ninsi called me from upstairs. I knew from the tone that she saw something outside that needed my attention. I figured that Barley had taken something outside that he shouldn't have.

When I get up to the balcony, I look and say "Yep, that's a dead cat."

In the middle of the yard. A cat got into the yard at some point and the dogs don't suffer intruders of that order. Actually, I suspect that it was Luna that killed the cat. She's the more territorial of the beasts we have. Ive been waiting for nightfall so that I can bury it in the empty lot next door.

This is the second cat we have found dead in the backyard. Darwin nods sagely.

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ryan :

u piss off the right owner you will find 2 dead dogs in the back yard!!!! antifreeze!!!!

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