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Dog days

Nothing much going on now-a-days. DragonCon is past. Halloween is weeks away. Ninsi and I have a few weeks of nothing going on now. I think we have nothing until October when she goes to Branson for a long weekend. I may go to FenCon during that time, but only for a day. And only to see if a specific artist is there.

Mostly we've been getting our craft items picked up and organized. It's pretty much all done now. Once everything is in its place, then we can start getting it back out again. Ninsi is wanting to redo a couple of her costumes; I just want everything cleaned up first so we can get rid of the flotsam beforehand.

I have it in my head to make a Steampunk Blunderbuss. It might be easier to do it with an old gun stock, but since I dont have one of those, I will probably have to do the whole thing from scratch. I am quite capable of doing it. From a mechanical point of view. The problem is that I lack the artisan ability to make something look spiffy and coo. I figure I have about a year to work on that aspect as well. We'll see if I fail. Or if I never quite get started. Since I have free time again, I may start working on my 40k armies instead. That is a hobby that is way past due.

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