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DragonCon Redux

Another year, and it is done.

Ninsi and I barely slept all weekend. When we finally got back Monday I was utterly exhausted. And I had to work Tuesday and it was all I could do to not pass out at my desk.

But it was worth it. We met several cool new folk, and ran into some friends from DragonCons past that we haven't seen in at least three years.

Our group was fairly large this year. We nearly took over a complete floor of the Radius Towers in the Hyatt. And if the two couples on the floor above us in our group had managed to get on the ninth floor with the rest of us, I think we would actually have had all but one room.

My Dr Horrible (in the Evil League of Evil) was well received. One person thought I was the Dr Horrible that was in the DCon production of the blog. I got my pictures with several Captain Hammer's. The one that would have been best, I could not get a picture with. Because he was being arrested at the time.

We had quite the Stonecutter contingent. I am waiting to see how some of those pictures came out. I did not get many myself, because as a Stonecutter, it is difficult to actually take pictures.

The beef jerky that I made over the last month was a big hit. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. And I think it was all that kept me from starving over the weekend. For some reason, I was continuously hungry from Thursday through Sunday, at least. I ate regular meals, but never got full. Fortunately, I had implemented jerky rationing which left enough for me to eat at leisure. ;)

I will eventually get around to putting some pictures up. I may put together a page and just link to it. I haven't done anything on this site since the last server move and it is past time that I put up at least a few pic links. My baby blues come out devil red in most of the pics though, so I wont put anything up until after I have fixed some of that red-eye.

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I uploaded a batch of pictures to yeswearecool.net. There's a pretty good picture of you as Dr. Horrible and lots of stonecutter pics.

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