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This was part of an email I got from Ninsi before we went to the concert last night:
"I’m totally getting drunk and crowd surfing tonight. Def wearing combat boots…."

I think the first part was accomplished. But she wore a skirt instead of jeans and didn't want to be an exposed surfer. Flogging Molly is a fun act to go see. A couple steel guitars, one acoustic guitar, accordion, tin whistle, fiddle, banjo, drums.

We had access through the Foundation Room which was really nice. And we went ahead and ate dinner in there. It was pricey, but Ninsi's filet mignon and my rib eye were really, really, excellent. Ninsi said it may have been the best filet she's ever had.

I think there was more moshing in the prior act, The Loved Ones. But there was a lot of crowd surfing during Flogging Molly. As the surfers got to the front, the big guys picked them up and put them on the ground and they ran back around. Only saw one guy get thrown out, probably for being too drunk. There was a lot of beer flying around. (and hats and random clothes/shirts). People were throwing whole cups of beer in the air, and others were shaking their cans of beer, spraying everyone around - then throwing the empty can.

Most of the people surfing were girls, and skinny guys. I saw a couple that might have been my size do it too. I also watched a couple my size go down hard because they were a little too big. Usually headfirst.

Good times all around. We'll probably go again if they come back through.

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ryan :

sounds like a good time

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