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Ninsi and I have an online "high-yield" savings account. It's called high-yield only because it has a higher return interest rate than a regular savings account. I think it's currently just over 3%. It is an HSBC Direct account. And by and large, I have not had any problems with it.

I set it up a couple years ago after I started my current job. I get paid twice a month and I set up the online account to do an automatic debit from our bank account about the same time I got paid. The way it is set up is that you create the recurring transaction and set it up for a number of instances. I set it up to go for a year. At the end of that year, I went back in and was disappointed to see that the 'twice a month' option was no long available. I had to use the 'every other week' option.

Though not really a problem, it was annoying because it now falls on odd days in the month and not in the middle and end of the month like before. I even emailed the HSBC customer service and inquired about it. They replied that the option was not used enough and therefore, removed. I can't imagine that it was actually costing them money to keep the option there. But whatever.

The new, every other week transfer schedule ran out a couple weeks ago. I went in today to start it up again and to my dismay, the 'every other week' option is gone. Now I can only do a automatic transfer once a week or once a month. I've emailed the HSBC cust serv again. If they can't give me a better option, then I will take all our money out of that bank and find a new high-yield with someone else that gives me the transfer options I want.

I just have to think that it cost more in man-hours to remove those options than to leave them there.

In non-related annoying customer services things: when I was on my way back from lunch today, I had to merge onto the highway. The big-rig to my left was refusing to budge and let me in where I should have been able to merge. So I slowed down til I could finally get on the highway. This guy just kept trucking along, tailgating the little car in front of him. Im not generally one to call someone in, but he had annoyed me, and was only a few feet from the car in front. So I thought I might call the number on the back of his truck and report him. I looked for the number, and it was there. Mostly. Except he had scratched out the prefix portion so you wouldnt know the full number.
Im guessing he had been reported a few times and got tired of it.

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