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Stupid dogs

Ninsi got out of bed randomly Sunday morning and happened to look outside. Good thing, because she saw our dog running around outside. I thought maybe the gate had managed to come open or perhaps Barley had barreled through one of the slats in the fence. But no, instead, he had ripped apart a slat on the neighbors fence and gone through their yard.

By ripped apart, I mean there were several pieces of wood in our yard between 1 and 3 foot long where he had gotten a piece of the fence and just pulled it apart. I spent the next hour doing repair work on the back fence. The whole back fence will have to be replaced eventually, but I will have to talk to the neighbor about that. Technically, that fence is his, but if he's game, we'll pay half to get it redone. Since he built a shed in front of it that runs most of the length of the fence, I suspect that he has no idea in what kind of shape it is in.

The wife has also indicated that NPR is too right-wing for her. Some of their guests are a little too far too the left for me.

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