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Too Early?

Is it too early to register for next year's convention? Not for some, I reckon. At least one couple of our group has already made their hotel reservations for next year. I usually wait until the calendar year has turned before I make mine. But, it did take up four hotels this year, and I do want the Radius Towers, so maybe I will make it a little sooner.

Ninsi and I went out to listen to the guy that started Pandora.com speak. He is going around the country stumping up support for internet radio. Got a free t-shirt out of it, and a couple of strong vodka-tonics. So, not a bad evening, overall.

Professional football also got started last night. Not the way I would have scripted it, but it has began at least. So now I have some way to spend my Sundays again. And Saturdays with college football. And Monday nights. And some Thursdays. And a few Fridays. It is a start.

I suppose that with the new fees in place for checked baggage on airlines, Ninsi and I will have to be more frugal with our packing going forward. Perhaps we should start earlier on our costumes and figure out exactly what we'll be wearing.
Continental is now charging $15 for the first checked bag and $25 for the second. Even if oil falls back to below $80 a barrel you can be sure that the airlines will not remove these fees. The will find a reason to keep them in place. It is something they have been wanting to do for a long time, and the high price of oil finally gave them an excuse.

Im ready for my martini now...

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Well I think they should drop the 1st bag fee. That's just kinda BS to me and it's making overhead storage more stuffy. I'm OK with charging $25-ish for 2nd bag.

I may call and book 2 rooms for next year in Radius. It doesn't hurt since you don't actually get charged. I've got friends up north that want to go or always say they do, but they won't commit this early.

I have no clue what to do for a custume yet as I don't know what size and shape i'll be in at the time. Wierd that it will be all September dates though.

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