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October 7, 2008


Ninsi and I got back from OK yesterday. Her great grandmother passed away last Thursday. 101 years old. Not bad.

After we had got back last night and had settled in a bit, we were sitting on the couch, when we heard a significant 'crash'. Both of the dogs were in the living room with us, so no immediate culprit was available. I thought that the mirror we'd brought back from OK may have fallen, but it was fine. I did not see anything in the kitchen or laundry room either. Ninsi was on her way up stairs to check on things when I opened the door to the storage area under the staircase. As I opened the door, stuff just slid out.

That was our coat closet. Every coat we own hangs in there. And on top of the coats we have all of our games on that shelf. I had opened that door an hour earlier and put Ninsi's new parasol on the hanging rod. It had all fallen down. Games and coats were everywhere. I shoved it all back in and closed the door. I'll leave it as a project for next weekend. Or the next. I just couldn't believe that it all fell down.

OU/saxeT is less than 96 hours away. BOOMER!

October 8, 2008

Chili ponderings

Ninsi's work is having a chili cook-off in a couple weeks. She sent me an email about it, asking if I wanted to enter. I like my chili. I think it is quite good.

It is not, however, competition ready.

But for the last hour, I have not been able to really get any work done, because Im trying to figure how to adjust my chili to fare better against others. It definitely can not be as soupy as I like it. That's easy enough to adjust. And I have to remember where I am, and what my target audience is. Namely, Im in Texas, so I can't put any beans into the chili. I like beans, so I use them. But it's a sure-fire way to not win a Texas chili contest.

I still don't know what Im going to do yet. Ninsi has told me to not worry about it, and just not do it. I'm not sure I can do that either though. So, tonight on the way home, Im stopping at the grocery store to pick up some things. I have a couple weeks, but next weekend is already shot. I think I will make two trial runs. And if one of those comes out well, I may enter it.

All I know for the moment though is that chili will be made. Oh yes, there will be chili...

October 10, 2008

Green / Dim

They are remodeling the bathrooms at work. There is one set of bathrooms per floor. So, for the next few weeks, I will have to walk upstairs to take a bio break. That's not a big deal. Many people in the office here can use that little bit of exercise. I was told that they are making the bathrooms all more eco-friendly; green, even. So they are being completely redone. And since they started at the top and are moving down, I can see what it will look like on my floor when it is complete.

Apparently, going green in the bathroom means you dim the lights.
Not that that is necessarily a bad thing.


October 13, 2008

Movin' on

Football this weekend was poor. I reckon we'll try again next year.

Slow weekend, outside of the football. Ninsi and I mostly puttered around the house. On Saturday we went to dinner with Zero and Ehlana, then had drinks at Piranha Killer Sushi. Ive never eaten there, but I've had drinks there a couple times. And Reptile came over for a little while on Sunday to hang out.

That was pretty much it for us. Got a couple weeks til Halloween now. And the weather is starting to cool off nicely. I think we already know what we are wearing for Halloween, so no sewing to be done.

Today is Columbus Day. If you're Canadian, it is Thanksgiving. Ninsi and I have to figure out what we are doing for Thanksgiving this year. If my mom is not cooking a turkey, we may stay in Dallas and cook one ourselves. Maybe see if her dad wants to come up from Houston. I don't think it very likely that we will stay in Dallas though. I 'spect we'll wind up in OK for the holiday.

October 17, 2008


Ive been meaning to make an entry before now. Just keep forgetting.

Ninsi and I are heading up to McAlester for the weekend when we get off work today. She can't leave early, so it will probably be 9 or so before we actually get to my mom's. And then tomorrow, we will be driving to a small community in Western Oklahoma to a friend's wedding. Prosper could not have picked a more remote location. It happens to be where her parents live, and where she grew up, but it is still way the Hell far from just about everything.

The Squid will be going with us. Im sure she's quite excited about the 6 hours we'll be in the car tomorrow. Hopefully we will get back to town in time to go see a movie or something.

I have several printers at the house. One laser printer and a bubble jet and an couple ink jet. They all work. The Epson I got for free (after rebate) last year, and it ran out of ink about a month ago. To refill it would cost me about $100. And I could go buy a new printer for much less than that. I was trying to find some cheaper replacement cartridges for it at work, and one of the guys said he had a new printer he did not want, because it came free with his PC a couple months ago. So, yesterday, he brought me the printer. New in the box. Never user.

So I hooked it up last night and will use it until it runs out of ink. Then I will have to decide if I want to buy a new cheap-ass printer, or pony up for ink. In the meantime, I have at least three printers to dispose of somehow.

Anyone want a HP III Laser printer? Free to good home...

October 20, 2008


Did a lot of driving this weekend. About 750 miles from the time I left work on Friday.

Ninsi and I went to McAlester on Friday. Then Saturday she and I and the Squid loaded up and drove out to Foster, OK. Which was about another 200 miles away. Prosper was having her wedding there. It was nice. We stayed about two hours then drove back to McAlester. Sunday, we finally made it back home around 5 pm, just in time for me to catch the second half of the Redskin's football game. That was about the only football I managed to watch all weekend, with all the other games taking place while I was in the car.

We had completely forgotten that Cruxshadows was playing this Thursday night. I kept forgetting they were playing altogether. But when I did remember it, I was thinking that it was next Thursday. The day before Halloween. Im still planning on going. But I also have a happy hour for work this Thursday, so I may have to adjust my plans a little bit.

With Halloween falling on a Friday for the first time in years, Im expecting next weekend to be quite the bacchanal celebration. I need to start getting my costume in order...

October 22, 2008

Lamborghini commute

This morning was the first time in three (work) days that I did not see the same Lamborghini going the opposite direction of me on Beltline. Since I saw him at the same time for a few days running, I figure he is either just getting off work, or on his way into work.

Either way, Im left wondering who the Hell commutes to work in a Lamborghini? Maybe he was a banker that had to get to work early because everything is falling down. Maybe he's just a douche that won the lottery. I can understand driving it to work every now and again. But not for an everyday commute.

When I lived in Florida, I saw the same Lamborghini every now and then. I think the guy that owned it used it as his regular driving around car. I can't imagine it is so fantastic that I would want to sit that low all day long. Maybe it is a fantastic car. Maybe if I had one I would drive it around as an everyday thing. So, I really shouldn't judge. Let me win the lotto and I'll recant if need be.

I'd rather have a Tesla anyway.

October 27, 2008


Went out last Thursday to see Cruxshadows play. Seems like they used to come through Dallas right after DragonCon. Not two months later. They are probably much busier these days though and hit more cities in general.

Friday night we went out to Panoptikon as we have been doing lately. I was talking to a girl there and she and her husband are from Tulsa. So we talked about Tulsa a little. On the drive home, I realized that I actually knew that girl when I lived in Tulsa. When Namweenae and I were still dating, this girl at Panoptikon was often our waitress at Pepper's. We never saw or talked to her again after she quit working at Pepper's. But somehow, even after almost 14 years, I remember her, and what her husband does, and her birthday. My memory is not as good as it used to be, but apparently the old information is still sitting around in there.

Saturday, I made some damn good french fries. Reptile, Zero, and Dre came over for dinner so I did a little cooking. Today, Im just exhausted. I slept well Saturday night and Sunday night, after not sleeping at all Friday night. But I think I still have some catching up to do. Got to get well rested for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Yes, I am a better cook than you.

October 29, 2008


Insurance. We had a lunch meeting today with the company that employs me. It was just to go over our insurance stuff. Nothing changed. I met with the HR woman a few weeks ago and asked about it then. Our provider and coverage are all staying exactly as they currently are. The only difference is that the amount I am paying for the coverage will go up by about 100%. Yes, my insurance cost is doubling. I expect it to go up on a year to year basis, but I did not expect it to go up by that much. The rate for a me by myself would have gone up by about 200%, but Ninsi is on the plan with me.

Im not going to rehash the arguments about insurance being too expensive. Everyone knows that it is. Especially for people like Ninsi and I that rarely, if ever, go to the hospital. I feel like I am having to pay for every overweight, crack-adled, welfare grubbing, heroin baby drug addict that is out there.

Life is not fair, I get that. That doesn't mean it still doesn't piss me off, though.

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