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Ive been meaning to make an entry before now. Just keep forgetting.

Ninsi and I are heading up to McAlester for the weekend when we get off work today. She can't leave early, so it will probably be 9 or so before we actually get to my mom's. And then tomorrow, we will be driving to a small community in Western Oklahoma to a friend's wedding. Prosper could not have picked a more remote location. It happens to be where her parents live, and where she grew up, but it is still way the Hell far from just about everything.

The Squid will be going with us. Im sure she's quite excited about the 6 hours we'll be in the car tomorrow. Hopefully we will get back to town in time to go see a movie or something.

I have several printers at the house. One laser printer and a bubble jet and an couple ink jet. They all work. The Epson I got for free (after rebate) last year, and it ran out of ink about a month ago. To refill it would cost me about $100. And I could go buy a new printer for much less than that. I was trying to find some cheaper replacement cartridges for it at work, and one of the guys said he had a new printer he did not want, because it came free with his PC a couple months ago. So, yesterday, he brought me the printer. New in the box. Never user.

So I hooked it up last night and will use it until it runs out of ink. Then I will have to decide if I want to buy a new cheap-ass printer, or pony up for ink. In the meantime, I have at least three printers to dispose of somehow.

Anyone want a HP III Laser printer? Free to good home...

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