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Chili ponderings

Ninsi's work is having a chili cook-off in a couple weeks. She sent me an email about it, asking if I wanted to enter. I like my chili. I think it is quite good.

It is not, however, competition ready.

But for the last hour, I have not been able to really get any work done, because Im trying to figure how to adjust my chili to fare better against others. It definitely can not be as soupy as I like it. That's easy enough to adjust. And I have to remember where I am, and what my target audience is. Namely, Im in Texas, so I can't put any beans into the chili. I like beans, so I use them. But it's a sure-fire way to not win a Texas chili contest.

I still don't know what Im going to do yet. Ninsi has told me to not worry about it, and just not do it. I'm not sure I can do that either though. So, tonight on the way home, Im stopping at the grocery store to pick up some things. I have a couple weeks, but next weekend is already shot. I think I will make two trial runs. And if one of those comes out well, I may enter it.

All I know for the moment though is that chili will be made. Oh yes, there will be chili...

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ryan :

i loves some chilli...ummmm

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