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Ninsi and I got back from OK yesterday. Her great grandmother passed away last Thursday. 101 years old. Not bad.

After we had got back last night and had settled in a bit, we were sitting on the couch, when we heard a significant 'crash'. Both of the dogs were in the living room with us, so no immediate culprit was available. I thought that the mirror we'd brought back from OK may have fallen, but it was fine. I did not see anything in the kitchen or laundry room either. Ninsi was on her way up stairs to check on things when I opened the door to the storage area under the staircase. As I opened the door, stuff just slid out.

That was our coat closet. Every coat we own hangs in there. And on top of the coats we have all of our games on that shelf. I had opened that door an hour earlier and put Ninsi's new parasol on the hanging rod. It had all fallen down. Games and coats were everywhere. I shoved it all back in and closed the door. I'll leave it as a project for next weekend. Or the next. I just couldn't believe that it all fell down.

OU/saxeT is less than 96 hours away. BOOMER!

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