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Insurance. We had a lunch meeting today with the company that employs me. It was just to go over our insurance stuff. Nothing changed. I met with the HR woman a few weeks ago and asked about it then. Our provider and coverage are all staying exactly as they currently are. The only difference is that the amount I am paying for the coverage will go up by about 100%. Yes, my insurance cost is doubling. I expect it to go up on a year to year basis, but I did not expect it to go up by that much. The rate for a me by myself would have gone up by about 200%, but Ninsi is on the plan with me.

Im not going to rehash the arguments about insurance being too expensive. Everyone knows that it is. Especially for people like Ninsi and I that rarely, if ever, go to the hospital. I feel like I am having to pay for every overweight, crack-adled, welfare grubbing, heroin baby drug addict that is out there.

Life is not fair, I get that. That doesn't mean it still doesn't piss me off, though.

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