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Lamborghini commute

This morning was the first time in three (work) days that I did not see the same Lamborghini going the opposite direction of me on Beltline. Since I saw him at the same time for a few days running, I figure he is either just getting off work, or on his way into work.

Either way, Im left wondering who the Hell commutes to work in a Lamborghini? Maybe he was a banker that had to get to work early because everything is falling down. Maybe he's just a douche that won the lottery. I can understand driving it to work every now and again. But not for an everyday commute.

When I lived in Florida, I saw the same Lamborghini every now and then. I think the guy that owned it used it as his regular driving around car. I can't imagine it is so fantastic that I would want to sit that low all day long. Maybe it is a fantastic car. Maybe if I had one I would drive it around as an everyday thing. So, I really shouldn't judge. Let me win the lotto and I'll recant if need be.

I'd rather have a Tesla anyway.

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