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Went out last Thursday to see Cruxshadows play. Seems like they used to come through Dallas right after DragonCon. Not two months later. They are probably much busier these days though and hit more cities in general.

Friday night we went out to Panoptikon as we have been doing lately. I was talking to a girl there and she and her husband are from Tulsa. So we talked about Tulsa a little. On the drive home, I realized that I actually knew that girl when I lived in Tulsa. When Namweenae and I were still dating, this girl at Panoptikon was often our waitress at Pepper's. We never saw or talked to her again after she quit working at Pepper's. But somehow, even after almost 14 years, I remember her, and what her husband does, and her birthday. My memory is not as good as it used to be, but apparently the old information is still sitting around in there.

Saturday, I made some damn good french fries. Reptile, Zero, and Dre came over for dinner so I did a little cooking. Today, Im just exhausted. I slept well Saturday night and Sunday night, after not sleeping at all Friday night. But I think I still have some catching up to do. Got to get well rested for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Yes, I am a better cook than you.

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